Thursday, 14 February 2013

Would you wear this? icandy couture....

Draya Michele of ' The Basket ball's wives' LA celebrated her birthday last month and wore this icandy couture dress. To be perfectly honest, when I first saw the picture of the dress, I fell in love. I love the detailing on the dress in itself, totally beautiful. This dress is made on a small scale at the moment by an upcoming fashion designer in NYC. I have had a look at the other dresses on they have which look good just wished they were not as revealing...well Draya wore this particular one on her birthday firstly she has a great body to pull this off but seriously would you wear this out any where? Personally, at home with my hubby or something or better still when am away maybe on a very private candle lit dinner in a private island ofcourse! Dreams do come true so am a just dream on for that one! Pics below...

                                                 Thanks for reading
                                              Blossom always xoxoxoxo

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