Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halle dazzles in Dolce & Gabbana metalic dress

Halle is one beautiful woman. Seems like the older she's become the more beautiful she becomes. For the premier of her latest movie 'Cloud Atlas' which is said to be the most expensive independent film ever made! ok!I hear (hope its worth all the expenses cause I cant wait to watch). She was joined by her French beau Olivier Martinez. I love this dress on Halle, simple boob tube style but verrryyyyy elegant and she just made the dress sophisticated! I like that she does not go off with a different color of shoes but stuck within the same color pallette. The fact that you wear blue doesnt mean that you need some red pair of shoes etc, actually staying within the same color range can make a look very sophisticated and chic. Be inspired!xxx

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Kim and Kourtney Kardashian! Something about white

So lately I have constantly seen Kim K in black or white! White of course is a beautiful color and can be used to make a fashion statement. But I always advise and will personally only wear all white where there will be little or no contact or action. So example kids parties or if you going to be running through sprinklers/fountains etc. White dresses are simple, refreshing, and summery.The simplicity suggested by the color means that you can nicely accessorize it with pretty much any color of jewelry. Kim and sis Kourtney were headed to an art gallery in Miami all covered up. I like the whole get up and Kim sure does pull off white so well. Notice how she keeps the accessories simple and limited! That's the best way to rock any white frock!pics below! Enjoy.

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Its R.O.R.K Rita Ora and Robert Kardashian go public!

So finally Robert has bagged himself a chick! The Kardashians will always have a story, they will be around the block for a looong time. Guess we'll be seeing some Rita on 'Keeping up'

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Gabrielle Union at 40!

Seriously this woman and Halle Berry are on my knock out list!How do you explain their good looks at forty plus? Am a huge fan of Gab Union, she is an amazing actress and a sassy one too! Celebrating her 40th she wore a jump suit for friend Lala Vasquez's clothing line. Lala is moving her hustle real tight from a beauty line to clothing. I love this jumpsuit,totally looks good on Gabby. I just wish one can get these kind of jumpsuits in other colours like purple, yellow or mustard! But hey!you can never go wrong with the colour black. A jumpsuit is a must have in your wardrobes! There are different styles that cover up arms, boobies etc etc! I know its officially winter in this part of the world (UK) but even in winter we do go for dinners, parties, amongst others. So yes invest in one, plus you can always stack up in time for that holiday! Love Lala's fitted orange number!

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Victoria-Beckham in-pair-wide-legged-jeans

Just when you think these bad boy jeans are gone, they reappear! Victoria Beckham was spotted in New York rocking these wide legged jean. I'm not so into jeans my self but I do love these. I own one myself and probably only worn it once but I do have my moments with them. VB totally nailed this look for me. Very minimal accessories. The jeans, floral shirt, light brown highlighted hair and of course the all famous posh pout finishes this chic look like no other. Fab! Pictures below, enjoy

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Monday, 22 October 2012


If you thought these babies were gone (prints), think again! They are back and now in a way even most fashion forward people didnt dare to rock em - as a two piece. To be honest, I probably would have cringed at some of these looks back in the day but I totally see me and any bold woman rocking a two piece printed suit! They are fab!fab!fab! With Prada's Fall printed suit, Roberto Cavalli's 2013 Resort collection with printed suits DVF amongst others and a Spring '13 forecast of printed suit seperates from Suno and J.Crew, we can safely and confidently say these will be here for a while, so keep an eye out - the high street will be on it with a bang!

Nina Garcia in R Cavalli, Right Emma Roberts in Nanett Lepore

From left: R Cavalli Resort '13, Karolina Kurkova in R Cavalli

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

DeVon Franklin Reveals He Was Celibate For 10 Years Before Marrying Meagan Good!

10 dayum good years and he's hot too!! so I saw this story a few days ago and didn't really know what to make of it. Not in a bad way though! I have always believed that regardless of the culture of sex before marriage there is a considerable percentage of men that can do this! So when I saw this story, I was excited cause truely there are men out there who can literally do this! I need not speak again, below is an excerpt and a video from DeVon's interview.Enjoy

How long do you think you can go without sex?
Before Meagan Good tied the knot with her Sony Pictures Executive husband DeVon Franklin, she was very open about their devout Christian faith and how they both had decided to remain celibate until they got married. What many don’t know though, is exactly how long DeVon had actually been celibate for, however, in an interview with Global Grind, he recently revealed that he was able to abstain from having sex for over 10 years! Now, that’s what you call discipline!
He said:
She was celibate before we got together and I was celibate. You’re not going to believe me. Let me just put it this way, [I've been celibate] over ten years.  Part of what I also do is preach and the thing that I couldn’t do, which was eating me apart…What was happening with me is that I would go and preach one thing but I was going and living another and I could not do it. I could not look at myself in the mirror. I was like, ‘No, I cannot live like this,’ so I had to stop and say, ‘You know what, until I get married, that’s off the table.
He also revealed that he felt as though marriage was the real key to happiness:
We’ve been married for over three months, so that was the key to happiness. With men, sometime we run from it, but I’m telling you it’s a blessing. It’s the greatest blessing of life to be able to have love, because then you’re at peace. I know I am…So no matter what happens career wise, or even with the book. Getting out there and promoting that, you have a home base.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Very cute entrance!

LOL!well seriously could not think of a title for this post but I definitely said I will be doing this post once I get ma gear back on! Apologies for my absence just a lot cooking up in the background for me at the moment but thanks to all those visiting and the emails to me are inspiring too! Ok back to this post! So I saw this wedding weeks ago on essence and boy not only are the couple super duper cute but I loved the whole get up especially where their lil girl makes a grand entrance in that cute white pram! I literally wanted to go get a baby somewhere immediately! I have posted a few of the pics, you enjoy!xx


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