Thursday, 11 April 2013


Few few days ago, Basketball wives star Draya, wore this 2 piece top and short made of African Ankara Fabric. I totally loveeee it! He bori is Amazeballssss, U gotta love it..ok am not Lesbo I always just appreciate good looking people men and women alike. She finished her look off wearing a Louboutin Nude pigalle pointies and a nude LV bag.

After receiving some criticism, she posted to her fans:

Perfect example of haters gonna hate: I’m curvy, can’t hide that….but the fact that this outfit was to die for and not stripperish at all is crazy! This was made by #2AfricanGirls (brand) by @preme_styld and is made from traditional Ankara cloth. #Nigeria #Uganda #blackgirlsrock EVERY1 loved it, blogs try to force their opinions on weak minded people.

I love it and will totally rock this! Wonder what will be made of this outfit if I rocked it in Nigeria..well am gon' find out when i rock em and tell yall cause i'm buying em.... Firstt they'll wan' know how old I am if it is decided that I am above 27years, I'll prolly be called/tagged a hubby snatcher/slot/attention maybe not, I see chicks wearing worse these days. Cant wait to go verry soon!

This is to me a perfect Spring/Summer outfit! Unapologetically I will rock it...Pics below....Enjoy xxx

I wonder what was happening here...Back view of dress!


  1. lovely I must say...dear feel free to wear it...just be careful of where u go...ppl get bad belle...

    apart from that..the ankara is fab!!!

  2. Lool at Bad belle!I know right?Hhahaha!I sure will.Thanks much hunnay!xx