Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Wedding post!

Halo..soo I have attended quite a number of weddings and today just though I put up a few pics!Well hope its a few to you!What I have always liked about each wedding has been the bridesmaids dresses. I find its quite a challenge to find one that really stands out and fits tight but most of my girls that got married were lucky enough to get great dresses! The pink dress I wore here for my friend's wedding, I got made specifically by a manufacturer and it turned out amazing!I loved it and the colour complimented beautifully with the green the other girls had on. I loved it, do you?

Pics below enjoy

Love the hat!


W me sissy!Ma' hooked me up with this trad!loved it!

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Outfit post!

Prints/floral can look a mess if not styled properly! My sister bought me this floral jumper (Bless her big soul!). It is actually a boob tube but I folded it in and wore it as a high waist trouser.I think it worked, what do you think?
  Pics below enjoy

Soaking it all in!

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

This week I am Loving........

BIM - Brain is Magic

AS some of you already know from my fb page, there's been alot of pictures floating on there!Lol!That was from the photoshoot I did for this amazing brand. I did this also with a great friend Chung aka 'Liurve', totally love his HK style&swag! This particular shoot was easy prolly because it was with some else I know. When he poses and moves, I have to think of another way to nail my angles when my turn came!LOL! It was amazeballs and a very early morning shoot too!When I wore the shirts and one of my favourites the 'grey jumper with the gas mask', I didnt want that off my body! I knew it had to make its way to my wardrobe!Total quality and class is all I got to say for this brand.!

If you are interested in purchasing, have a look at the company's website below and hit me up for a discount code prior to purchase by dropping a comment in the comment box or email. All below. A few of the pictures I have put together below too! Just to say a big thank you too to all my girls and guys out there showing so much love and support for the brand already and also this blog.Love yall mucho muahh xxx.

Brain is Magic web address -  www.brainismagic.co.uk

Email@    blossom-you@hotmail.com

Pic below enjoy

Salma Hayek Fever!

I have always loved actress Salma Hayek. Great actress and she's just always on news for the right reasons well as far as I am aware. Seriously people! She 45years of age and she can literally throw some 20 year olds down. She was spotted with daughter and husband in Venice in this beautifully cut, orange shift dress which she paired with towering nude platform court shoes and matching brown dress. She looks amazing and sure dresses are body shape and age!

Pics below!Enjoy

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Black Magic:Eva Longoria in stunning black lace

Hey, hey, hey! So Eva was spotted out with new beau (wowser), I still dont know how these people get it moving so quick! Well she was spotted donning this beautiful lace top little black dress. Hair down with some nice high heel and nude purse! She looks beautiful and has got it going on at that age 37!Love it!What do you think?

Enjoy pics below



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