Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Rita Ora in Saint Laurent!Love it

Totally something I will wear any day. Rita knocked every one else out with this look at the 4th Annual ELLE Women in Music celebration. She sorta made everybody else look under dressed!Lol! But I love the look!Black and white with the long tail and frill tie on the neck..beautiful styling. Its pretty easy to style black and white.Always remember to go for the Minimalistic look. Add a bit of colour to make it pop if you want,like her Nail Lacquer colour is Amazeballs! Pics below..Enjoy and thanks for stapping by! xoxox 

Blossom always xoxox

Christina Milan in Thigh high boots and Neon Nail polish!

Christina did it again! I do love this mama's style!Me personally thinks (Ignore the English and focus on the story!Lol!) that she has a very unpredictable style and whichever she's seen in, she sure rocks the hell outta it. Ok for this look, I love the patterned sweater, I love the Nails and the boots of course but that bag isnt exactly doing it for me. Definitely looks like a fab, obviously designer bag which would have worked well on a different outfit but not this one! One last major accessory well so I call it this chick was rolling in was her 'Matte black ferrari'!Yes Boss!I love it...  pictures below enjoy. xx

                                       Blossom always xxx

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Few few days ago, Basketball wives star Draya, wore this 2 piece top and short made of African Ankara Fabric. I totally loveeee it! He bori is Amazeballssss, U gotta love it..ok am not Lesbo I always just appreciate good looking people men and women alike. She finished her look off wearing a Louboutin Nude pigalle pointies and a nude LV bag.

After receiving some criticism, she posted to her fans:

Perfect example of haters gonna hate: I’m curvy, can’t hide that….but the fact that this outfit was to die for and not stripperish at all is crazy! This was made by #2AfricanGirls (brand) by @preme_styld and is made from traditional Ankara cloth. #Nigeria #Uganda #blackgirlsrock EVERY1 loved it, blogs try to force their opinions on weak minded people.

I love it and will totally rock this! Wonder what will be made of this outfit if I rocked it in Nigeria..well am gon' find out when i rock em and tell yall cause i'm buying em.... Firstt they'll wan' know how old I am if it is decided that I am above 27years, I'll prolly be called/tagged a hubby snatcher/slot/attention seeker..lol....or maybe not, I see chicks wearing worse these days. Cant wait to go verry soon!

This is to me a perfect Spring/Summer outfit! Unapologetically I will rock it...Pics below....Enjoy xxx

I wonder what was happening here...Back view of dress!

Monochrome! OUTFIT POST!

Guess I started off with Monochrome b4 it took Center stage really!Lol. Must have taken these picture sometime ago. Had this black and white jumper purchased from a Thrift store!yep!yep It is a beautiful jumper. I tried to find a way to make it look cuter on me and more fitted and so I worked the Magic..well..and put on a belt!Violaaa,I loved what I saw and made my way out!Monochrome is a bit like Peplum, I mean when peplum was at its peak and to be honest, Monochromes have always been there,I have dresses and skirts still sitting in my cupboard that depicts this new fash craZe but its cute and I like it..Its one of those that nobody can ever go wrong with really. Dont ask me where to bag yourself!Lol! its every where,, from Primany to Newlook,Top shop, even Next...Pic below.Thanks for stopping by! sign up on blossom-you, leave comments and as usual Blossom always xoxoxox

Blossom always xxxxxxxx and have a fabulous weeekend too!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Mekhi Phifer's Weds! iCry!!!

If you watch ER, or have watched 8 Mile, Spike Lees 'Paid in Full' or I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, you sure will remember Mekhi...I used to be soo in love with him!Lol....I think he's still hot! Well Mekhi wedde his Long term girlfriend Reshelet Barnes in an outdoor ceremony at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hill, California, on Sunday. I like how she keep it really simple. Less is truly more as they say. The bride wore a natural looking make up, diamond drop earrings and her hair in a slicked back half up, half down style and the Mekhi works his suit rather differently, not the regular patent 'black shoes' love the Tan shoes! Works well with his cream suit. Peep pics below Enjoy..Thanks for stopping by...Blossom always xoxoxox