Thursday, 21 February 2013

Show Report: Alberta Ferretti Autumn/Winter 2013/14

As the New york and London fashion week has drawn to a close, I will be putting up a few show reports, style inspiration and tips on what to wear or look out for Spring/Summer! I cannot wait for some sunshine like seriously! For those in the hotter climate like my beautiful country Nigeria, you can so style yourself silly any which way (pardon my language but you get it!). Any ways was flipping through some designer's runway show and Alberta Ferretti's collection def struck a cord, I really love the use of Velveteen fabric with the embroideries, the long skirts (those are definitely so this season) and also the peplums heavily sequined jackets, and laces....These are all so this season and I Love, love this collection. I have always wondered how to work a velveteen fabric and this just shows what can be done to this amazing fabric. Also this Velveteen reminds me of my high school days in Nigeria, there was a period this fabric was the business! Like major! then it was called 'Akwaoche' for the Nigerian readers that can relate!Lol! Its soo great to see it being transformed amazingly well on runways. Be inspired!pics below.


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