Monday, 4 March 2013


So my birthday was a long time ago (January to be precise)! Been meaning to post pictures of what I wore. Went to dinner in one of the most beautiful restaurants called 'Mumtaz'. Purely Asian food and its sooo well cooked presented and yumscious! I loved every minute of that night and thankful to God for family and true friends! For the night, I decided last minute to go for a more covered chic look. Had these pair of sequined pants from Zara and a striped black and white long sleeve shirt again from Zara. I finished off look with some pink pair and similar colours for my lips and nails! What can I say!I love ma colours!Strips are soo this season! Stripes of all colors by the way but black and white seem to be the order of the day now. Pics below! Enjoy,leave comments and thanks mucho for visiting Blossom! xx

Yummiest cake!They all came for more!Lol

Love my sister's style..she's got such a quirky style that I dont think personally I can pull off but she soes so well&confidently too..

My shy cute lady!

Hmmmm!wonder what happened there!I looked worried..Nail smudged maybe!

My sweet Asian Tamale...remember the midnight candle in Law school?Lol.Love U loadsa x


Look at those wandering eyes...haha...This cake is divine!

My always loyal and adowableeee brothers!

Beautiful soul!

My beautiful sister....muahh xxx

Family!love U muchossss xxx

My Hong Kong Stylist..Chung...Amazing dude, great friend!

Love so soo pure!xxx

The real boss! The owner!Kind man!

Thanks to every one that honored my invitation. Thanks to everyone that prayed for me, showed off their singing skills and sang to me!Lol. As you have all done unto me, God will honor you all too Amen!I had a blast! To a great 2013!

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  1. I love the outfit Blossom, especially the black/white striped shirt...your sis looks fab and so does the food!!!

  2. My beautiful friend,u always knw hw 2 kip it wiv ur fashion...nice 1 boo!

  3. awww!Thanks dear Ada!The food is yummyyyyyy! Thanks my dear friend Jum!muahhhh babe xxx