Wednesday, 16 May 2012


OK!forget how raggedy these pictures are for a moment. This was one of my crazy days where I just decided to play with Lip colors and get pics every and anywhere. I love love love glosses and lipsticks. I have loads of colors even though I tend to wear particular colors more than the others. Lipsticks really can make your overall look fab or drab, glamorous or dull. Jennifer Lopez was totally rocking the life out of this deep red color that I have to go find now. She had it one two days ago for the premier of her movie 'what to expect when you are expecting' For this Summer am really drawn to the dark colors. I do feel like it does change the way I actually look but you tell me what you think with the pics below? A factor that can make your lipstick look right or all wrong is your skin tone.

'Everyone's skin tone (rather than their skin colour) tends to have a warmth or coolness to it. Warm skin will have yellow undertones and maybe orangey red. Cool skin has red undertones, tending to the pink. Example, someone very fair or with high coloring is a cool skin tone, though you can have a medium skin and be cool. Equally, very black skin with a blueish undertone is cool. Likewise fair skin can be warm as well as the more obviously warm olive, Asian and lighter black skins like me' :)

But I always still say regardless of these factors explore colors. I have seen people who thought certain colors wont suit them and they try it, love it and wear it with so much confidence that you literally forget all about skin tones! Dare to try I always say.:). 

My Barry M Coral Lip color- Barry M lip colors are great

La Femme Pink pop. This smells like bubble gum.Love it

Natural Collection - Red

Sleek Mystic..Very Bold color. love it mucho

My very simple day outfit.

J lo is rocking this dress and lip color. Blossom loves

Thanks for reading!
Blossom always xx

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