Friday, 2 March 2012

A letter of hope to my unborn baby.

I saw this a few months ago and said that I would certainly blog em!I fell in love with this letter and it made me so broody (not)!lol!A lot of things said in this letter echoes how we feel as mother and how we want our children (whether they have been born or not) to react to life. I loved it am sure you. Tuck in, read and enjoy!

To My Dear Baby,

For 20 weeks now, you’ve been cozy inside of me—growing stronger in anticipation of the world beyond those dark, squishy walls. So far, you’ve proven to have a few things in common with your brothers. You move constantly—yes, constantly—just like Big did. You’ve magically induced second trimester morning/afternoon/night sickness in me just like Little did. And you’re coming into a world filled with love for you just like both of them did.

I wish I could say I’ve been a perfect mom to your brothers. But I haven’t. I’m not patient enough. I yell too much. I worry. A lot. About everything from whether there’s food falling on the floor at dinner to whether I’m turning my kids into little worriers (which I am). Just like I teach your brothers, we all make mistakes. It’s whether we learn from those mistakes that determines what kind of people we are. So hopefully you’ll benefit from having a mom who’s learned a few lessons the hard way. But I’m guessing I’ll make my fair share of mistakes with you too.
That being said, I have such high hopes for you. I don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl. I don’t know if you’ll love football, politics or mushrooms on your pizza. But I do know these five things…

I hope you have all the confidence in the world, with a good dose of humility to go along with it. Know that you can do anything you put your mind to. But also know that you’ll need to ask for help along the way—and in doing so, you’ll be stronger and happier than if you did it all by yourself.

Oh how I hope you’ll view life with a sense of humor. (I’m guessing given your family, you won’t have much of a choice on this one.) Laugh often. Laugh hard. Laugh at yourself. And, yes, I even give you permission to laugh at me when you think I’m taking myself too seriously.

You’re part of a wonderful family—who I hope you get the opportunity to know and love. You’re stuck with the four of us, I’m afraid. But you’ve got cousins who will show you patience and teach you about things like scooters and the Jonas Brothers. You’ve got aunts and uncles who will spoil you with attention and wonderfully inappropriate gifts. You’ve got grandparents (and even a great grandmother) who will tell you about the world they’ve traveled, share stories about where you come from and cherish you in a way nobody else can.

Know that family doesn’t end there. Good friends will make your life richer and more meaningful. They’ll be there to create—and celebrate—the best of times. They’ll also be there with a shoulder to cry on, a Toy Story band-aid or a stiff juice box during the worst of times. For awhile you’ll be stuck with our friends and their kids, but your brothers seem to think we’ve made some pretty good choices, so hopefully you’ll agree.

Sleep, baby, sleep. Ok, this one is a bit selfish on my part, I admit. (I’m afraid it’s one of your brothers’ shortcomings.) But I sincerely hope you give in to your tired body and embrace sleep when it comes. Don’t get me wrong, I encourage you to play hard and enjoy every waking moment. But know that sleep will help you recharge and take on the next great adventure with your eyes—and heart—wide open (alongside a more cheerful Mom, of course).

No doubt I’ll think of—and share—many more wishes for you as time goes on. That’s my job as your mom. Your job is to pretend it drives you crazy, but to tuck those words away in your heart and remember them when life hands you a challenge (like mean girls or calculus—two things that got the best of me, big time).

You are loved, ever so deeply,

What do you hope for your baby—however old he/she may be at this point? 

Credits:Culled from Yahoo Shine
Written by Amy

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