Thursday, 29 March 2012

Its officially summer

Am so mega excited, its summer officially! This week has been so beautiful and sunny even though I was in at work all day but I got the chance to take a walk in the sun for a few minutes. Decided to do a post today on a trend that I love very much - Tartans! Tartans are of the Scottish heritage and thanks to the fashion designers and the high street that do a good job interpreting runways style -we can all now take part in this Scottish heritage. I purchased this cropped Tartan pants and wasnt really sure what to pair it with especially because of the colour. But the epiphany came and what better top to have worn it with. With Tartans,plaids and Kilts keep it simple and just as with prints choose monotonous colours when pairing or styling them. A few pics below.

Top,pants H&M,Bag Chloe, shoes Zara

Had a mismatched nail colour that blended in pretty well.

A touch of Fur.

Tartans, plaids on the runway

Lucy Liu (Keep accesories to the minimum with Tartans)

Prince Charles...The full Scottish attire!

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  1. Love Love Love!!! the outfit and how the colours blend to give a warm effect. Dont know who could pull this off like you !! x