Thursday, 11 April 2013

Monochrome! OUTFIT POST!

Guess I started off with Monochrome b4 it took Center stage really!Lol. Must have taken these picture sometime ago. Had this black and white jumper purchased from a Thrift store!yep!yep It is a beautiful jumper. I tried to find a way to make it look cuter on me and more fitted and so I worked the Magic..well..and put on a belt!Violaaa,I loved what I saw and made my way out!Monochrome is a bit like Peplum, I mean when peplum was at its peak and to be honest, Monochromes have always been there,I have dresses and skirts still sitting in my cupboard that depicts this new fash craZe but its cute and I like it..Its one of those that nobody can ever go wrong with really. Dont ask me where to bag yourself!Lol! its every where,, from Primany to Newlook,Top shop, even Next...Pic below.Thanks for stopping by! sign up on blossom-you, leave comments and as usual Blossom always xoxoxox

Blossom always xxxxxxxx and have a fabulous weeekend too!

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