Saturday, 17 November 2012

Studio Rich Beyonce in Face-Print Loafers

Hey!Hey! This week I am loving B's studio look. Beyonce posted some instagram pic looking rather funky and cool. I love it! She's one of those celebs that do not exactly follow trends, most times she's in tights and lose tops,short jumpsuits etc. But this look is cool. For the night she wears a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood face-print loafers ( Those loafs are badd I must say but rather creepy. The eyes will make me feel like every bad...sorry good move of mine is watched!) but its cool. She pairs her velvet and leather flats with Helmut Lang blazer and vinatge Cazal 958 shades! I love it! You just cannot beef this woman and the price tag for this look? See below

$925 Shoes + $500 Pants + $645 Blazer  



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