Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Hey ma lovelies

Been a long time I blogged! So much has gone on too in that time. Alot of things to post, stories to share and more fashion, celeb fashion gps (gossips). Regardless of the fact that I have not blogged in a while, I have still had my eyes in on the industry! A few celeb hits and misses, new fashion talents! Gucci, D&G, and the rest really have talents budding now pushing fashion boundaries and its soo exciting to see. A few weeks ago too, I did a fash shoot for a clothing line, so far I am loving what I see in the pictures! But to be honest people that know me well enough know it is not only about pictures, the products ought to be quality too. This clothing line is so up my street and is quality stuff too! The 'quality and up my street part was what got me totally! I will be putting pictures up, some more cause a few's out already.

There's a lot going on in Hollywood too!Hahaha! I wonder what the world will be without all these celeb stories though. Some give me the creeps, but personally in each story I try to draw lessons out of! Afterall they human right? Difference? We have chosen the road called 'privacy', they have had to sacrifice their's.

So when I hear stories like the Director Tony Scott who took his own life, or Rihanna's candid interview with Oprah about her love for a guy that violated her, and the Chad Ochocinco who headbutted his wife after how many days of marriage!loool!like seriously what is going on? From each story we learn to be thankful. For you to take your own life, something must be killing you on the inside, it takes courage to kill yourself and how do you do so unless you are beyond every doubt convinced that there is nothing else left for you on this good dayum earth! *whew*We also learn that we can forgive, regardless of the hurt and pain that people we love the most cause us. Chad's wife Evelyn Johnson now realises (albeit too late) that the dude had issues and needs to take care of himself, she's ready to move on now and let him learn and change. Riri has been bombarded since this interview with Oprah - why should she still say she loves him they say! Well so what if she does! With true forgiveness comes acceptance. She knows he was in the wrong and made a bad choice, doesn't necessarily make him a bad person! I think the mere fact that she was candid, open and truthful in saying - I have forgiven- sealed the whole interview for me and I hope that the world (including myself ofcourse, cause its dayum hard sometimes to say I truly forgive and mean it from you soul) can learn that regardless of the hurt and pain people cause us, forgiveness is a gift that we give to ourselves! Also, no matter how hard hard it is in our life, as long as we breathe and live there is hope, you need to keep moving and doing something. I'm not talking about lying around and waiting for gold to be handed down to you. Use your head,mind and hands. God has deposited gifts inside us all. It doesn't matter how small it is, it is your job to find it and grow it beyond what the world imagines. Your life is too precious to take it away yourself. Live IT, Embrace IT, Love IT!

Blossom always

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